Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Proposed Amendments to Fifth Circuit Local Rules

The clerk's office has posted this notice of proposed amendments to the Fifth Circuit local rules. The amendments would:
  • Eliminate portions of Local Rule 28 that impose requirements beyond those contained in FRAP 28 (pertaining to the "Summary of Argument," "Statement of Jurisdiction," and "Standard of Review" sections of briefs).
  • Require appellant's counsel to file an electronic copy of the record exceprts, in addition to the paper copy.
  • Permit electronic copies of briefs and record excepts to be filed on a "'CD,' in addition to a 'computer diskette' given the changing nature of technology."
  • Lower the maximum taxable rate for copies of briefs, etc., under Local Rule 39.1.
The notice also advises that "[t]he court is . . . considering proposed amendments to 5th CIR. R. 27.3, concerning Emergency Motions. However, a final version has not yet been approved. If and when it is, a separate notice and opportunity for public comment will be distributed."

Written comments, if you wish to submit any, are due by August 10th.


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