Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fifth Circuit's AVIS and Event Notification Systems To End February 13, 2009

The Fifth Circuit's website recently posted these two notices announcing the impending demise of the AVIS and Event Notification Systems:

AVIS System Termination

Effective February 13, 2009, we will close down our Automated Voice Information System, (AVIS). We do so because we are converting our cases to a nationally supported software system called Appellate Case Management/Electronic Case Filing, or more simply, CM/ECF. Unfortunately, CM/ECF does not support AVIS.

If you need information about the status of a Fifth Circuit case you may log onto the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, (PACER), system at, or contact the clerk's office.

For information about Fifth Circuit cases scheduled for oral argument, you may visit our website at for updates to the calendar and to obtain the names of the panel judges, which will be posted on the Calendars one week before the beginning of the court session.

Event Notification Termination

Effective February 13, 2009, we will discontinue the Fifth Circuit's event notification system, which has provided free access to certain case related information. We will be converting our cases to the Case Management portion of CM/ECF, which does not support this functionality. Once we implement Electronic Case Filing electronic notification will once again be available.

In the meantime, you can obtain Fifth Circuit case information by accessing the Public Access to Court Records (PACER) system at


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