Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Leaked DOJ Memos Shed Light on Discovery Practices!

OK, "leaked" is perhaps a loaded and inaccurate—and yet, entertaining—way of describing this post from the DOJ's Justice blog announcing the release of memos providing guidance to prosecutors on discovery practices:

Last year, the Department of Justice convened a working group to explore the Department’s policies, practices, and training related to criminal case management and discovery. The group is made up of senior prosecutors from throughout the Department and from United States’ Attorney Offices, law enforcement representatives, and information technology professionals.

Today, in response to recommendations from this group, the Deputy Attorney General issued three memoranda regarding criminal discovery practices including a memorandum to all prosecutors containing guidance regarding criminal discovery that prosecutors should follow to help assure that they meet discovery obligations in future cases.

The three memos, should you care to read them, are:

Links via Sentencing Law & Policy.

UPDATE: Over at the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, Ellen Podgor is critical of the memos.

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the -- and yet, entertaining -- aside was very entertaining!

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