Friday, March 19, 2010

New SCOTUS Website

Tony Mauro reports in the National Law Journal:

The Supreme Court's long-awaited Web site redesign was unveiled Thursday at, bringing the site into the 21st century only a few years late.

The new site is visually appealing, with a rotating series of photos of the Court building, and iconography drawn from the Court's architectural features. It has an easy search function on its main page, which also displays the Court's oral argument calendar. Several important pieces of information about the Court that used to take several clicks to get to are now brought forward, for easier access.

The overall verdict: "[I]t does not appear that the Supreme Court's new site has much new or different content, but what is there is more accessible and reader-friendly." Fans of novelty take heart, though: "The Court's announcement of the new site, made by public information officer Kathy Arberg, also indicates the site is a work in progress, with new features to be added over time."

Orin Kerr noted the change yesterday, along with a trivia contest. (Hint: the answer isn't "Vertigo".)


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